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Conextivity is a global technology group offering high-performance connectivity solutions that manage power and data flows seamlessly from sensors and devices to the cloud and AI, enabling the emergence of new transverse and scalable ecosystems.

Headquartered in Saint-Prex, Switzerland, the group employs nearly 700 people worldwide and comprises two core business activities: Fischer Connectors and Wearin’.

Fischer Connectors designs, develops and deploys end-to-end interconnect solutions for ecosystems requiring local transfer and management of data, signals and power.

Its tailored electronic solutions, connectors and cable assemblies are trusted globally for their reliability in demanding environments.

Wearin’ creates IoT wearable solutions that enhance safety and efficiency by improving situational awareness and enabling a better coordination of connected humans such as lone workers, firefighters and first responders.

Wearin’ makes high-risk work environments safer and smarter with real-time insights from user-generated field data.

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Our vision is to reimagine connectivity, helping turn ambitious ideas into solutions that shape the future.


Alone, we can’t go far, but together with our customers, we can turn challenges into opportunities that push the boundaries of possibility.

Our mission is to help our customers solve the connectivity challenge with connected technologies and data-driven insights, as a full service partner across the entire value chain of our industry.


We look to both our pioneering roots and our customers’ needs to co-create innovative, customer-driven solutions.


The success of our company depends on the success of our customers – so we’re passionate about helping them turn even their most ambitious ideas into reality.

The vision we form for our industry is the expression of our leadership and sense of responsibility for our group.

All of our management team’s choices and activities are aimed at providing customers with lasting value, guaranteeing our group’s continued relevance and excellence in current and future markets. Our management is responsible for perpetuating the essential role that our group plays in providing reliable, innovative solutions for mission-critical ecosystems in demanding environments. More

Our customers drive us, but our core values guide us.


Respect | Collaboration | Entrepreneurial Spirit | Innovation | Longevity | Excellence

We put people first, knowing that human relationships are at the heart of both our history and our future. We harness the power of collective genius by promoting teamwork, knowledge-sharing and transparency, and by expanding our innovation skills to solve the technology equation at the service of our customers.

We create lasting value, considering the long-term impact of every action.


At Conextivity, we believe it’s our responsibility to protect people, products and the planet. Our comprehensive Integrated Management System helps make customers’ lives easier by ensuring our products and procedures meet the highest industry standards in quality, safety and sustainability.

At our Group, we are committed to respecting the law and acting with integrity.


To us, integrity means doing the right thing, even when no one is watching. And you can count on us.




This expansion supports our commitment to meet the growing demand for the Fischer Connectors and Wearin’ connectivity solutions.

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