We promote a Speak Up Culture


Our Group is committed to promoting a “Speak Up” culture of open and trustful dialogue where employees are free to express their views, ask questions and raise concerns. We encourage all employees and external stakeholders to Speak Up when they have a concern, and we listen and support them when they do.


If you are uncomfortable raising the issue in person with your manager or Group counterpart, you can use the Group “Speak Up” Line (our whistleblowing tool).


Employees and external stakeholders have access to “Speak Up” with this link :

Go to Speak Up


Whichever route is chosen, the concerns will be taken seriously and treated with the appropriate level of confidentiality. The confidentiality of the persons involved and of the report itself, as well as data protection, is guaranteed in all contacts. Our Compliance Advisor is subject to secrecy and works independently and impartially.


Our Group has a policy of non-retaliation and will not tolerate any form of retaliation against a whistleblower acting in good faith.


How to report via “Speak Up”:

Available internally and externally 24 hours a day, the “Speak Up” Line is operated by a third party through a web-based portal and call center, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality.


Contacts & reporting channels at our Group:


If you have specific, substantiated information about possible legal or compliance violations, you can contact our Compliance office in confidence using the following reporting channels:


(1) in writing

Through our online reporting tool “Speak Up”:  Click here to access our reporting portal:

Go to Speak Up


(2) By telephone

Via the telephone channel of our online reporting portal

+49 69 99998839 (Mon – Fri: 09:00 – 17:00)


You can also make a report anonymously. In order to properly investigate an anonymous report, we ask that you provide as much detail and documentation as possible to support your report. After all, your report can only have an effect if there are sufficient concrete investigative approaches and possibilities for analyzing the causes.



Please note: In principle, the external whistleblowing offices are available to you on an equal footing with our internal reporting office.